Old Settler’s Music Festival not only brings the best in live roots music, but also features opportunities to listen and learn from the best through our curated artist workshops.

The 2022 OSMF workshops are sponsored by the Central Texas Bluegrass Association, a Texas non-profit that’s been around since 1978 for the enjoyment of bluegrass friends, fans, and pickers everywhere.

We encourage you to check out this year’s workshops. All the following workshops are scheduled on Saturday. Workshops are located near the Day Pass entrance, just past the Bluebonnet Stage.

1:00 PM

Max Baca (Los Texmaniacs): “Traditional Cojunto Music”

Max Baca, multi-Grammy-award recipient, and Hall of Fame inductee from Los Texmaniacs, and appearing thanks to the Texas Commission on the Arts, will be presenting a seminar on the traditional art of Tejano Conjunto music and how Los Texmaniacs’ take on Conjunto enables the band to collaborate and interact across musical genres.

2:00 PM

Chelsea Burns and Simon Waxman: “Getting into Bluegrass and Building Community”

Are you a Bluegrass fan? Do you want to get more involved in Bluegrass? Bluegrass music is 100% community-driven and is built by people just like you who are passionate about Bluegrass music and who get involved. Bluegrass players start at any age with little or no prior musical experience. Chelsea and Simon will take you through their very different journeys to Bluegrass and help you figure out how to take your next step.

4:00 PM

Ludiker House Presents: “Brennen Leigh on the Tradition of Western Swing”

Join Western Swing cult icon Brennen Leigh and Austin songwriter Kaylee Ludiker for an in-depth look at the history of Texas’ musical calling card — Western Swing — and its influence on the evolution of country music itself.

5:00 PM

Del, Ronnie, and Rob McCoury: “Fathers and Sons in Bluegrass”

Bluegrass legend (and OSMF Artist-in-Resident) Del McCoury, has won 31 IBMA awards and two Grammys in additon to a National Heritage Fellowship from the NEA. Join him and his sons Ronnie and Rob, award-winning artists in their own right, in a discussion about family legacies (the Monroes, the Stanleys, the Scruggs, the Renos, the Allens, et al.) across Bluegrass history and how this history informs their music — and work — as a family unit.