John Elliott


Camp Shhhtimes

Camp Shhhtimes Only

John Elliott writes gripping stream-of-consciousness songs that often take unexpected turns en route to delivering a powerful message. Chuck Schiele of The San Diego Troubadour wrote about Elliott’s lyrics: “They get in, make their statement, kick you in the teeth, and get out before they start talking too much…And this lends to the urge of rolling any track to its beginning for another spin.”

Elliott began playing at various Hollywood venues in 2001, had expanded throughout southern California by 2003, and later became an international touring artist. Now based in San Francisco, he has performed all over the world and every state except Hawaii. His songs have been featured on hit television programs including Grey’s Anatomy and Californication, as well as in PASTE Magazine, on NPR, and Neil Young’s “Living With War” website. Also various other places in reality and on the internet, including campfires, cars, and at least one vasectomy reversal surgeon’s officeduring operations.

John has played on the mainstage of the Fayetteville Roots Festival, Kerrville Folk Festival, Subdued Stringboard Jamboree, and others lesser known. He also performed the role of Hades in Anais Mitchell’s California tour of her folk opera Hadestown (alongside Anais, Thao Nygeun, and Sean Hayes).

In the last decade, he has released nine genre-less studio albums on his own record label (Garland Lane) to an ever-expanding audience. The most recent is called “North Star” and is streaming where all music is streaming. John also produces an almost monthly podcast of sorts called “Audiodes.” Audiodes are impressionist audio collages and reflections on American culture, news, and events.

John believes in the American Dream that never has been and never will be.