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Electrical Outlets Explained

  • 1 Permit Per Outlet
  • Requires: Purchase of 3 or 4-Day General Admission Pass or Platinum Experience, and a Camping Vehicle Permit (if you want to power your CV)
  • No tiered pricing for Electrical Permit (these prices will not increase)


20 Amp (available in all campgrounds): $50

30 Amp (available in all campgrounds): $60

50 Amp (available in Camp Armadillo only): $70

3 Kinds of Outlets:

20 Amp 

  • Similar to the outlets in your house
  • Will power small air conditioning units and  lights, but not likely everything at the same time
  • For tent campers who just need power for lights or fans
  • Adequate for most small trailers and pop ups
  • This outlet will accept either a 15A or 20A plug 

30 Amp

  • For most RVs including trailers and motorhomes that only have a single air conditioning unit. 
  • You can power a 50 Amp RV on a 30 Amp using an adapter, but you will most likely be unable to use all services, such as multiple air conditioning units

50 Amp

  • For large trailers and motorhomes that generally have 2 air conditioning units

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