Campground Good Vibes Guide

For their safety and yours, pets are not allowed anywhere on the Old Settler’s Homestead

This will be strictly enforced. If you show up with a pet, you will be turned away with no refund. If you make it in with your pet and are caught, you will be evicted with no refund. Service animals are allowed as permitted by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Parking permits must be purchased and displayed in all vehicles

Primary campground parking is located in Meadow Lot Parking across from Camp Collings. RV passes include one vehicle Meadow Lot Parking Permit. Camping passes do not include parking permits. If you purchase a camping pass, you will also need to purchase a parking permit.

To maintain a vibrant and safe camping experience, reduce traffic, and keep space open for campsites, a very limited number of parking permits are available for purchase if you wish to park a vehicle at your campsite. Parking permits must be displayed in your vehicle at all times. If you purchase a Meadow Lot Parking Permit, you will need to move your vehicle to Meadow Lot Parking after unloading your camping gear.

Campsites are on a first-come, first-served basis

Flagging tape and rope may not be used to reserve space in any of the campgrounds. One tarp, no larger than 12′ x 12′, can be placed within 6 feet of your RV, camping vehicle, or tent to save space for your campsite.

Be considerate of your neighbors

While jamming is allowed 24 hours a day, loud singing, playing and partying is not permitted between the hours of 2 AM and 7 AM. The campground is for everyone — families, staff, volunteers and pickers alike — and the quiet hours exist for the benefit of all.

Generator use is prohibited in all campgrounds

Electricity is available in all 3 campgrounds, with 30 and 50 amp receptacles in both Camp Armadillo and Camp Collings, 30 amp receptacles in Camp Banjo, and 110 receptacles in all 3 campgrounds. An RV pass includes an Electrical Permit. For tent camping or additional electricity needs, you will need to purchase an Electrical Permit. Daisy-chaining power supplies without an Electrical Permit is prohibited.

All types of fireworks are strictly prohibited

If you are caught setting off fireworks anywhere on the Old Settler’s Homestead, you will be evicted from the show with no refund.

All campers must be in possession of an onsite camping festival wristband

This includes all people on the festival grounds anytime after the last performance each night.

No loud stereos, ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts, or fireworks are permitted in the campgrounds

Motorcycles may be used as your transportation for entering the campground (with vehicle pass) but may not be used as a recreational vehicle inside the campground.

Leave your campsite looking at least as good as it did when you arrived

Our volunteers work hard to prepare the Old Settler’s Homestead for the festival. Please help us keep the site in good condition, and please carry out your gear or use the trash receptacles that are available throughout the campgrounds.

Old Settler’s Music Festival, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items

For any lost items, please visit Lost and Found at the festival entrance.

Campers must vacate the campgrounds by 8:00 PM Sunday evening, unless you purchased an extended access pass

If you purchased an extended access pass, you must vacate the campgrounds by 12:00 noon on Monday.

Open ground fires (wood or charcoal) are not allowed

Campfires must be in a fire pit raised off the ground and can only be used if there is no active Fire Ban during the festival. Propane fire pits, propane grills, propane stoves and propane lanterns are allowed.